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Faculty Profile Systems

The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries facilitated an information sharing meeting on 9/29/2016 covering Faculty Profile Systems and what our member institutions have implemented or are exploring in this regard. We will continue to compile information from our institutions as we receive updates.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Faculty Profile system: Publicly available faculty profiles called, CU Experts, have been implemented using VIVO (, which is open source software, see

CU is also moving from a legacy faculty reporting system to a new system CU Boulder Elements (CUBE), see, which is developed using the Symplectic Elements research information management software, part of the Digital Science Group. 

CU is also providing a subscription to Altmetric Explorer (also Digital Science) to highlight the impact of CU research through non-traditional metrics.

Institutional Repository system: Digital Commons from bepress (CU Scholar Institutional repository:

Data feeds being used: Symplectic software pulls citation data from various sources, such as Web of Science, CrossRef, PubMed, etc. into CUBE.  The IR is not yet integrated with faculty research information systems.

ORCID ID use on campus: CU Boulder was able to implement ORCID IDs for all faculty through a grant that was received and have retroactively attached ORCID IDs to older faculty publications as the faculty information system was being built.

Contact Information: Yem Fong (

Other information: CU Boulder libraries have partnered with the Office of Faculty Affairs to share some subscriptions (Web of Science Incites, ORCID). The library’s role has been one of collaborating and consulting on this project.


Auraria Library

Faculty Profile system: Metropolitan State University of Denver is using Digital Measures. University of Colorado, Denver and Community College of Denver have not implemented a Faculty Profile system.

Institutional Repository system: Sobek

Data feeds being used: none currently

ORCID ID use on campus: Library is encouraging the use of ORCID, but there is no coordinated effort to implement this at the three institutions.

Contact Information: Ellen Metter (

Other information: Auraria is still encouraging faculty and students to deposit research in their institutional repository, but there is no firm plan to do faculty profiling system-wide going forward.


Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Faculty Profile system: Digital Measures

Institutional Repository system: DSpace (switched from DigiTool just over a year ago)

Data feeds being used: none currently

ORCID ID use on campus: No broad coordinated effort currently, but there is interest and ORCID is mentioned by the college liaisons in communication to faculty and graduate students.

Contact Information: Allison Level (

Other information: Some of CSU’s departments were previously using Digital Measures but starting this year (2016), all departments will be using it for yearly evaluations. T&P documents will also be moving to Digital Measures.  The Libraries will be implementing it later this fall.  


University of Denver

Faculty Profile system: Digital Measures

Institutional Repository system: Digital Commons from bepress and Islandora/Fedora

Data feeds being used: Feeding data from digital repository into ScholarWorks (also from bepress). Digital Commons is not yet able to get data in an automated way. DU’s Marketing and Communications division wants to build a product to get the Digital Measures data onto the University Website.

ORCID ID use on campus: no coordinated effort as of yet

Contact Information: Sheila Yeh (

Other information: Through ScholarWorks, faculty should be able to port their profiles to other institutions.