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Who Can Access This Section

This is the launching page for the secure section of our Website and contains materials of interest to the Board of Directors and Member Council.  It includes current and historical packets for meetings, budgets, meeting schedules, and other materials of interest to these bodies.  Logins for this secure section of the Website are available by contacting Beth Denker

By design, the secure logins for the Board and Member Council will allow either group to see each other's sections.  This transparency should aid everyone in having a complete picture of what is happening in the Alliance.

Links to the secure Board and Member Council pages will only appear after logging in.

Board of Directors

The business affairs of the Alliance are managed by the Board of Directors, according to the provisions of the ByLaws.  The Board, meeting quarterly, establishes general policy, sets the annual budget, determines assessments and fees, admits new members and promulgates the long-range plan. The Board elects officers and hires staff as necessary to conduct the operation of the Alliance. The Board relies on advice from the Alliance Member Council on many issues.

Member Council

The Member Council shall be responsible for all “library” related activities of the Alliance, advising the Board on all matters related to the Members’ libraries, operating within the general policies established by the Board of Directors. Among  these responsibilities are resource sharing; identifying and resolving issues of information creation, collection, access and distribution; reducing member operating costs; development of operating and strategic plans for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors; development of new systems; and partnerships and other library activities as appropriate.