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Hosted/Supported Journals

Collaborative Librarianship

Collaborative Librarianship is an open access journal which focuses on library collaboration and partnerships. It was founded in 2009 by Ivan Gaetz and originally hosted by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries on OJS.  In 2016, Michael Levine-Clark and Jill Emery took over as Editors-in-Chief and the journal was migrated to the Digital Commons platform licensed through the University of Denver.

Charleston Advisor

This peer-reviewed publication is the leading source of in-depth reviews of e-resources for libraries.  All member libraries of the Colorado Alliance have free access to this journal paid for by the consortium. The journal was originally published by The Charleston Company but was sold to Annual Reviews in June 2022. In the years 2017-May 2022 a sister database called ccAdvisor was available to Alliance members which offered a database-driven approach to all reviews in TCA. However, this partnership between ACRL and the Charleston Company ceased when the journal was sold to Annual Reviews.