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MOBIUS is migrating to OpenRS, a heterogenous resource sharing system that is ILS and Discovery agnostic and accomodates the full spectrum of mediated and unmediated resource sharing. (OpenLibrary Foundation Press Release, Aug, 2023.)  During this time, lending and borrowing between the two systems will cease.  Patrons will have until January 12, 2024 to make requests for MOBIUS items.  After this time, if an item isn't found in Prospector, patrons will have to order it through traditional interlibrary loan.  

March 29, 2024 is the last day of service for the courier KC Line Haul that goes to Goodland Kansas. If libraries receive MOBIUS returns from patrons, they will need to mail them back to the owning library in Missouri. Currently, there isn't an estimate on when the connection will be re-established between the two systems.