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Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic most libraries in Colorado are closed and the statewide courier is currently shutdown. As a result, we have turned off borrowing and lending through Prospector for most items with a couple of exceptions. Some libraries have the staff capacity to fulfill requests for Springer and Elsevier ebooks and streaming videos from Swank and Films on Demand.

We have restored borrowing privileges for patrons at libraries that can manage these requests during this time. If your library is on the following list,

you can still request Springer and Elsevier ebooks as well as streaming videos from Swank and Films on Demand. If your library is not on your list, your Prospector borrowing privileges have not been restored.

The easiest way to locate these items is to do a search on Springer or Elsevier and include the subject: "Springer microbiology". You can locate streaming video by doing a search on "SILLVR". To narrow the search, simply type in a subject. "SILLVR cooking". In the Encore interface, you can use the facets on the left hand side of the screen to further limit your search.