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We have set-up a one-month trial for NewspaperArchive which provides access to thousands of newspapers from the United States and overseas. I have attached to this email a brochure from them as well as a review which appeared last year in The Charleston Advisor which provides more detailed information about the product. In a quote from the TCA review – “ currently offers subscription-based, full-text online access to 11,548 American and 3,878 international newspaper titles. While the genealogical newspaper database does provide a selection of major titles, the strength of the collection resides in its vast selection of small town and short-run newspaper titles.”  Libraries will typically license a regional subset of the database.

To try out this resource the vendor has given us fake library card numbers where users can utilize the website with the following URL:    Please note, you must access this link from this Webpage for the trial to properly work.

Users can access the database by clicking on the link, entering a unique user ID (CO0001 - CO9999), and registering the ID on the sign in page. Since each of these unique user IDs get tied to an email address, I have divvied them each library has a range to use.

The database is quite interesting to use and is particularly strong for genealogy. I looked up my parents and found articles on them from small town newspapers from their childhood and college years.


  • Auraria - CO0001- CO0500
  • Colorado College – CO0501-CO1000
  • Colorado Mesa University – CO1001-CO1500
  • Colorado School of Mines - CO1501-CO2000
  • CSU Fort Collins – CO2001-CO2500
  • CSU Pueblo – CO2501-CO3000
  • CU Boulder – CO3001-CO3500
  • CU Colorado Springs - CO3501-CO4000
  • CU Health Sciences – CO4001-CO4500
  • Denver Public Library – CO4501-CO5000
  • Regis University – CO5001-CO5500
  • United States Air Force Academy – CO5501-CO6000
  • University of Denver – CO6001-CO6500
  • University of Northern Colorado – CO6501-CO7000
  • University of Wyoming – CO7001-CO7500
  • Western Colorado University – CO7501-CO8000

Our contact at Newspaper Archive is Micaela Coleman She would be the best person to contact if you are having difficulties in setting up access.