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The University of Wyoming is resuming Prospector lending of their materials this week.

  • UW is connecting via Alma D2IR. (This is a direct connection between the INN-Reach Central server and Wyoming’s local system, bypassing the need for the RSB and duplicating work in two systems.
  • Alma does not allow access to other library’s patron data; therefore, UW will no longer be able to access or provide patron name data on their paging slips, etc.
    UW’s Prospector Paging Slips will look different and will not list patron names, see attached PDF.
  • When receiving items borrowed from UW you should be able to process them like normal by using the barcode on the item itself. At this point, your local library system will provide you with your patron’s name data.
  • Please email Ellie Kerstetter ( if you have any issues processing UW loaned materials.