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Elaina Norlin, Professional Development DEI Coordinator for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

Presenter: Elaina Norlin, Professional Development DEI Coordinator for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

When: September 19 & September 20, 2024 (same workshop repeated on two days) 

Time: TBD

Location:  Anderson Academic Commons-University of Denver


Registration coming soon! 


Program Description

In the dynamic world of libraries, where change, budget constraints, book challenges, and potential closures loom large, a robust marketing and advocacy plan is non-negotiable. Yet, many librarians grapple with discomfort around “selling,” “marketing,” and “promotion.” Perhaps you secretly yearn for stakeholders to intuitively grasp the library’s value, or maybe you’d prefer to focus solely on your core responsibilities.

But here’s the truth: Our data-driven profession is only the first step to changing minds, increasing funding, gathering resources, and securing more advocates who will consistently fight for our organizations. In this interactive workshop, we’ll dive deep into the psychology of persuasion, demystifying the science behind personal influence. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to promote the library's worth without feeling like you are engaged in uncomfortable sales tactics.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Scientific Context for Influence and Persuasion: Participants will gain a deep appreciation for the scientific foundations of influence and persuasion, which will equip them with a holistic understanding of how these concepts work in the library context.  You will also understand what 80% of the libraries do wrong and how to correct the problem.
  • Overcoming Discomfort with Promoting and Advocating Libraries: Attendees will learn strategies to overcome discomfort and hesitation when it comes to promoting library services, allowing them to confidently engage in advocacy efforts.
  • Work Through Current Challenges: Through learning social psychology scientifically proven techniques of influence and persuasion, participants work on their current challenges and develop strategies to move forward.
  • Empowering Introverted Employees: The workshop will provide strategies specifically tailored to introverted individuals who may find traditional marketing and advocacy techniques uncomfortable or unnecessary. These strategies will help introverts uncover their unique strengths to promote libraries more effectively.